FAMCO, LLC Announces Management Buyback Completion

ST. LOUIS – April 30, 2013 – Fiduciary Asset Management, LLC (FAMCO), a St. Louis-based institutional and private wealth asset management firm, today announced the acquisition closing.  Wiley Angell, one of FAMCO’s founders and its current Chief Executive Officer, will lead the employee-owned firm.

According to Mr. Angell, “We are very excited about returning to our roots as an independent company.  This transaction provides an opportunity to continue to provide excellent services to our clients and focus on our core competencies, while incenting our team and building for the future.”

“Stability and consistency are the hallmarks of this transaction, as 100 percent of the FAMCO team continues in the employee-owned firm,” Angell said.  “This includes the same people that created our investment strategies dating back to 1994.”

Our Firm

FAMCO is an employee owned, institutional asset management firm formed in 1994. Our product offerings consist of: Flex Equity, including Covered Call and Concentrated versions; Fixed Income, including a specialty in Liability Driven Investing (LDI); and Balanced, a combined large-cap equity and high-quality fixed income portfolio.

Our investment philosophy is based on the belief that strategy dominates tactics and a top-down macroeconomic view is applied.